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Development News & Updates from Adams + Sparkes

Sunshine Coast Council

Sunshine Coast Council Amendment No. 18

Sunshine Coast Council has now released Amendment No.18 to the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014, which took effect on 1 April 2019. The amendment instrument includes Site Specific…

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Noosa Shire Council

Noosa Shire Council to release new Draft Planning Scheme

Draft Planning Scheme soon to be available for public consultation.  Noosa Shire Council is set to release is new Draft Planning Scheme for consultation. Replacing…

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Sunshine Coast Planning

Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme Update – Height Limits

Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme Update  New Height Limits for Key Tourism Areas on the Coast! The Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme has had a lot of…

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Caloundra Centre

Caloundra Centre Master Plan + Special Entertainment Precincts

Public consultation commences on proposed planning scheme amendments Caloundra Centre Master Plan; and Special Entertainment Precincts Council is proposing amendments to the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme…

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Brisbane City Council Update

Brisbane City Plan Update

Recent Amendments to the Brisbane City Plan 2014 As of 14 September 2018, the following amendments to the Brisbane City Plan 2014 are effective: Adoption…

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Sunshine Coast Council Proposed Planning Scheme Amendments

Sunshine Coast Council | Proposed Planning Scheme Amendments

Public Consultation Period Commence: 30 July 2018 Close: 07 September 2018 Do you own or have an interest in property in these locations? Council are…

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Self Assessable Disasters

Self Assessable Disasters!

Self-Assessable Dual Occupancies Disasters! As many of you are aware, Dual Occupancies (i.e. Duplexes) under the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014 are Self-Assessable development (now referred to as ‘Accepted’…

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Moreton Bay Infill

Moreton Bay Incentivising Infill Development

Moreton Bay Promotes Infill Development in Key Development Areas On 1 July 2017, Moreton Bay Regional Council introduced the ‘Incentivising Infill Development Policy’. The policy aims…

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