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Critical growth management for SEQ: Draft Shaping SEQ 2023

Shaping SEQ 2023 (aka the SEQ Regional Plan review!)

The Dept of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning is now seeking feedback on the draft Shaping SEQ 2023 Update.

The SEQ Regional Plan is the region’s pre-eminent strategic land use plan and is critical in managing growth, our settlement pattern, infrastructure planning and protection of our natural environmental and resources. From a development perspective, the three regional land uses classifications are of particular importance – the Urban Footprint, Rural Living Area and the Regional Landscape and Rural Production Area.

Public comments close 20 September 2023 – follow Shaping SEQ 2023 to choose one of several ways to have your say.

Should you have any queries in relation to the review and how this could impact on your property, please feel to contact us. Learn more and share your views – link in comment

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