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Draft Ipswich Plan 2024

The City of Ipswich has just unveiled the Draft Ipswich Plan 2024 for public consultation. This plan, once adopted, will replace the current 2006 planning scheme.

+ The Draft Ipswich Plan 2024 outlines Council’s strategic vision for the future of Ipswich. It is a significant step forward in shaping the development and growth of the city.

+ Have Your Say! The consultation period is open until July 16, 2023. Your feedback and submissions are crucial in shaping the final plan.

+ To help you understand how the draft scheme impacts your property, Council has provided a range of helpful tools:

+ Site-specific property reports + A new mapping portal + E-Scheme

+ Get in touch with ADAMS + SPARKES Town Planning if you require a better understanding of how the Draft Ipswich Plan 2024 specifically affects one of your properties and / or to assist with a formal submission.

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