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Maud Street, Maroochydore

Location: Maud Street, Maroochydore
Client: Son Quynnh Pty Ltd
Description: 10 unit Multiple Dwelling and Shop
Council: Sunshine Coast Council

Project Team:
Designed by: Blackburne Jackson
Engineering: Barlow Shelley Consulting Engineers
Traffic: SLR Consulting


Awaiting Approval

The proposed development is made up of a shop on the ground floor and residential units on the levels above. Eight x 2-bedroom units are located on Levels 2 to 5 with a 3-bedroom unit on level 6 and 7. All units are provided with two bathrooms, a laundry, dedicated clothes drying balcony with fixed screening, as well as private open space balcony extending off the living, kitchen and dining space.

Each 3-bedroom unit is provided with exclusive use rooftop terrace spaces, with the remaining rooftop terrace open as communal space for all residents.

Residential car parking for the proposed units will be located within a secure basement access from Maud Street.

ADAMS + SPARKES assisted in preparing and lodging a Material Change of Use application to establish the mixed-use development and is continuing to assist in achieving approval of the application.

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