Accredited Consultants – Brisbane City Council SealSMART

Adams + Sparkes are accredited consultants with Brisbane City Council’s SealSMART process. Through this process, we liaise directly with allied consultants to ensure all approval conditions have been complied with and self-certify relevant approval conditions to fast track the Plan Sealing process through Council. Any time saved during the phase of a development project is beneficial and allows registration of new lots to occur sooner.

Provided the application meets all requirements, Council seals SealSMART subdivision plans within five business days of payment of Plan Sealing fees.

Plan Sealing applications typically comprising up to 10 lots/ units are eligible for processing under SealSMART. Council may consider Plan Sealing application exceeding 10 lots/units but are still deemed to be low risk. A set of key requirements are specified for this to occur, however, if you’ve got a development you think may fit this criteria, please contact our office to discuss further.

The following exclusions currently exist for the SealSMART process. If your development includes any of the following items, it is unlikely to qualify for the SealSMART Process:

  • Sites where the asset works required exceed “cut offs” as listed below;
  • Sites with trunk infrastructure works;
  • Sites with Building Format Plans for buildings built prior to 1973;
  • Some sites with “Concurrence Agency” conditions (contact Plan Sealing Unit for approval of exclusions);
  • Sites incorporating dedication of land where rehabilitation/ work is required in the parkland;
  • Sites that require servicing via an adjacent site (e.g. traversing neighbour’s property).

Key “cut offs”:

Plan Sealing applications that exceed the following stipulations will not be suitable for processing through SealSMART:

  • Water/Sewer – As for BCC standard minor water and sewerage conditions;
  • Kerb/Channel – up to 100m on minor road;
  • Road work – up to 2m wide and 100m long on minor road; and
  • Drainage – up to 450mm diameter and 1 manhole.

If you are interested in understanding more about SealSMART, feel free to contact us.