RiskSMART Accredited Consultants

ADAMS + SPARKES are RiskSMART Accredited Consultants with both Brisbane City Council and Logan City Council.


Brisbane City Council RiskSMART

Currently Brisbane City Council accept the following types of applications through this Fast Track Process:

  • Multiple Dwelling (10 units or less)
  • Dual Occupancy
  • Reconfiguring a Lot (10 lots or less)
  • Low Impact Industry, Medium Impact Industry, Warehouse
  • Centre Activities
  • New Dwelling House
  • Extension to an Existing Dwelling House

RiskSMART applications currently receive a 20% discount off the applicable Council application fee. Also this process aims to achieve a 5 business day approval turn around with Council.

For further information, please refer to Brisbane City Council’s RiskSMART webpage.

Logan City Council RiskSmart

Logan City Council also provide a RiskSmart approval process, for simple, low risk applications that can be carried out by accredited RiskSmart consultants.  Under the Logan Planning Scheme 2015, all code assessable Material Change of Use and Reconfiguring a Lot applications are eligible for RiskSmart.

These applications are eligible for a discount on Council’s application fees and are generally decided within 5 business days.


If you are interested to see if your proposal qualifies for either Brisbane or Logan City Council RiskSmart approval, feel free to contact us today for an obligation free quote.